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Torrance Primary is an open plan school consisting of three separate hexagonal buildings with adjoining corridors. In each building the classrooms are open to a central activity area with sinks and surfaces where children can work, while remaining easily seen and supervised by the class teacher.

We also have an infant and senior library, a computer suite and an infant activity room. The school has benefited greatly from the recent addition of a new sports/assembly hall and separate dining area.

The school celebrated its centenary year in March 2000 although the present school building was opened in 1978 and was then extended in 1984 due to the growing population of the village. In August 1997 a separate building was erected in the school grounds to accommodate our nursery.

Our outdoor facilities include a football pitch and grassy play areas in addition to two concrete playgrounds for P1-3 and P4-7. Local groups and organisations use the school some evenings and a summer play scheme is run by Community Education during the holidays.

In Torrance Primary we want our pupils to grow and develop in their understanding of themselves, of others and the world around them. We take advantage of the young child’s curiosity and enthusiasm by providing meaningful contexts in which to deliver each area of the curriculum.

We aim to provide a happy, relaxed and caring atmosphere in the school. Our pupils are encouraged to work to the best of their ability and to have consideration and respect for others regardless of race, colour or personal circumstances. Our school policies take account of pupils with special educational needs and also promote equal opportunities for all sections of the school community throughout all areas of the curriculum. We hope that in working towards these objectives, we are laying the foundations for our pupils to fulfil a satisfying and useful role in society.

We firmly believe that education is a partnership between school and home and that by working together we can ensure that our pupils’ learning experience is of the highest quality.