This coming session, our nursery will operate 20 morning places and the same in in the afternoon.

Session times are as follows: 

Morning:          8.45am – 11:55 am  (3 hours 10 minutes)

Afternoon:     12:35pm – 3.45 pm (3 hours 10 minutes)

You are very welcome to come in and see how your child is settling in or have a look around the nursery at the beginning of each session when the children are having free play.  Alternatively, we invite parents / grandparents in for a longer session during our structured Open Days throughout the year.  

Your child brings with them their own character and personality into our nursery. Each child’s experience is unique. They have their own abilities, gifts and potential. Your child is unique and we realise this.

In our Nursery we work to provide an environment that is warm, stable and caring so that your child can feel emotionally and socially secure. A place where your child will be accepted and valued for who they are at all times. A place where they are free to explore, experiment, discover and learn. Our Nursery is a rich environment which allows time for each child to think and learn at their own pace.

The staff will sensitively direct each session in stimulating surroundings. Here, your child can enjoy self-selected activities which enable them to experiment with and discover aspects of their world. With this approach to your child’s learning we can take what each child offers in their play, enjoy it, reinforce it and build on it to help them find fulfilment and a sense of achievement.

When you come into the Nursery it might appear that your child is ‘just playing’. They're not. They are learning! Children learn a range of skills through play. These could be social skills like communication and co-operation. They may be learning how to solve problems or overcome things they once found challenging. They are also learning about the world around them and their place in it. They might be learning about weights and volume to help them with maths, or shape and sounds to help them to form letters and pronounce new words. Even nursery rhymes are a great way of teaching children new skills.

Your child is working as hard as any adult ever does. Play is the natural way in which your child learns. Well-planned, well thought out play activities enable your child to have the experiences in Nursery that will lay the foundations for success in their future efforts to learn.

In the nursery, all parents are most welcome. We will often ask for your help and expertise if we are going on a trip, have a skill you can share e.g. baking, gardening or covering a topic you might know something about. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated by staff and children, as well as helping us in fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere for our children to learn in.