Torrance Nursery Class is the local authority nursery for the area of Torrance.

Some of the children who attend our nursery are from a catchment with a broader boundary than the main school catchment.

Parents are invited to enrol three and four year olds in January each year. Children who have been offered a place as a three year old need to re-enrol for the next Nursery year. Birth certificates and proof of address must be brought when a child enrols.

Nursery placements are confirmed by letter usually in June.

There are also enrolments later on in the session for those children attaining their third birthday in January and April.

Present Council Policy is that where a Nursery is oversubscribed then children will be enrolled according to these priorities:

a) Children with severe and complex needs.                 

b) Children with January or February dates of birth who choose to defer entry to P1 until the enrolment date following their fifth birthday.

c) Children with September to December dates of birth whose decision to defer entry to P1 until the enrolment date following their fifth birthday has been agreed and who are already in attendance in the nursery class.

d) The above children who are not in attendance at the centre.

e) Eligible children who already have brothers and sisters in the school.

f) Eligible children from within the schools’ areas which the nursery serves.

g) Eligible children from within East Dunbartonshire.

h) Eligible children from outwith East Dunbartonshire.

Where a Nursery is oversubscribed an alternative will be offered.

Deferred Entry
Children who have their fourth birthday in January or February may apply for a deferred entry i.e. an extra nursery year before starting school. Please contact the Headteacher for more details.

Welcome Meeting
For children beginning Nursery in August, there will be an opportunity to come for a session and meet the staff and other children before the summer holidays.

Children enrolling in January or April will also be given an invitation to visit prior to starting if a place is available.

During our welcome meetings, parents/grandparents will have the chance to meet Nursery Staff, have a tour of our nursery, receive a Welcome Pack, complete necessary forms and ask any questions.