GLOW status and known issues with services

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School Clubs

Our school staff and Active Schools Co-ordinator provide the children with a range of breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs throughout the year.  Here is a flavour of the types of clubs we offer.   


  • P6-7 Volleyball Club  (Wednesday)


  • P6-7 Scripture Union (Wednesday)
  • P4-5 Tennis
  • P6 Gymnastics (Tuesday)
  • P7 Dancing
  • P6-7 Choir (Thursday)

After School

  • P6-7 Football (Monday)
  • P6-7 Netball (Thursday)
  • P1-2 Funky Fitness (Thursday)
  • P1-2 A Star Sports
  • P4-5 Chatterbooks - Reading Club
  • P4-5 Basketball (Glasgow Fever Club)
  • P6-7 Hockey (Western Wildcats)
  • Nursery - P3 SFA Mini Kickers (Wednesday)
  • Nursery -P3, P4-7 SFA Come & Play drop in (Friday)